Aaron Agius is the co-founder of Louder Online, helping business clients be more discoverable online and increase their website traffic. He came up with 27 reasons people aren’t reading your blog posts. They’re all worthwhile learning about, but here’s one it’s worth paying special attention to — Reason #6: “You don’t publish new posts on a regular schedule.”

Mind the gap

Aaron declares, “Readers want consistency. Without it, they’ll never become attached to your brand’s content. It can be tough in the face of competing priorities, but create a schedule and stick to it.”

Consistency really matters. Before someone decides to do business with you, they base their expectations of how you will perform on what they can already see. If they see that you are publishing blog posts on a regular schedule, it builds their trust in you. They learn that you are capable of establishing a realistic schedule and delivering on time.

If instead, your prospective clients see that your blog languishes for weeks or months without a post, they wonder. Are you too overwhelmed with work to pay attention to important details? Are you a poor manager of time? Do you not follow through on your commitments?

In order for someone to become your client, they need to believe that you will deliver on your promises every time, not only when it’s convenient.

It may be tempting when time is short to let your blog slide. But your blog — once you make a commitment to have one — becomes part of your brand. It’s a significant component of the face your business presents to the world.

A well-kept blog is an indicator of a well-kept business. If a prospective client experiences consistency from you when following your blog, they’ll begin to believe you can provide that same consistency when they start working with you.

You wouldn’t show up at a networking event with buttons missing from your shirt. Don’t let your desired clients find you with posts missing from your blog.

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