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Thanks for your interest in my free resources on marketing, entrepreneurship, life purpose, and getting unstuck. On this site, you’ll find a sampling of my articles on these topics for your reading pleasure. Visit the Article Index for a complete list.

I have many other free resources available on my other websites. Here are links to what you can find there in the following categories.

Get Clients Now!
Free Resources on Marketing and Sales

At Get Clients Now!, you’ll find my monthly newsletter, a collection of my sales and marketing articles, my online reader community, worksheets from the Get Clients Now! book, guidelines for starting a GCN action group/reading group of your own, and audio recordings of interviews and talks.

And at the Get Clients Now! Answer Center, you’ll find a free knowledge base for independent professionals, service business owners, and salespeople, brought to you by me and my licensed facilitators. It includes over 175 articles, 50 Q & A’s, 25 tools and examples, and 20 audios to help your marketing and sales succeed.



Social Entrepreneur Coach
Free Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

At Social Entrepreneur Coach, you’ll find several articles, a glossary, and resource links on social entrepreneurship.



How to Become a Hero
Free Resources on Life Purpose and Social Change

How to Become a Hero is a collection of past blog entries on the intersection between life purpose and social action. Also available here are some articles, inspirational quotes, and an audio recording and outline of a talk on How to Become a Hero.



50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World
Free Resources for Coaches

At 50 Ways for Coaches to Change the World, I have a free sample of the book plus discussion and resource pages for coaches interested in the book’s topics.

As chair of the Coaches Make a Difference Initiative, I helped create a PR Toolkit for coaching organizations, schools, chapters, and SIGs to use for promoting coaching to their community or niche market. You can access this toolkit on CMADI’s Free Resources page.

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