Workshops & Events

Sept 11-Nov 20, 2019: Business Building Writer Master Class ~ Webinar SeriesBusiness Building Writer Master Classes

For graduates of the Business Building Writer Essentials program, I offer these exclusive Master Classes. Grads can continue developing their content writing and business-building skills with sessions on advanced topics like storytelling, essay writing, where to publish, search engine optimization, editorial calendars, and traffic-building. Program participants also get personal feedback from me on their newly written pieces. Find out more


Get it written!Sept 13, 2019: Get It Written Day ~ Virtual Retreat

Do you have blog posts, articles, or an ebook to write? In one day of concentrated writing, with C.J. as your writing coach and the support of fellow writers, you’ll be able to gain accountability to keep your focus on writing, share tips and tricks for overcoming procrastination and writer’s block, and transform writing from a solitary struggle into an enjoyable activity. This affordably-priced retreat takes place via webinar, so you can join in no matter where you are. Find out more


Oct 7-Nov 18, 2019: Business Building Writer ~ Webinar SeriesBusiness Building Writer

Learn to build your business by writing… learn to write so it builds your business. In this powerful webinar series, C.J. will teach you how to use quality writing as a business-building tool, how to write your stuff so that your desired audience will want what your business offers, and how to put those elements together into a business-building plan. Writing skills and marketing skills together! You’ll take away a new set of tools and skills, an action plan, and an inspired new direction for using your writing for business-building. Find out more


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