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Introduction 1
Part I: Change the World as a Citizen, Employee, or Business Owner 3
  1. Offer a portion of your coaching services pro bono 4
  2. Volunteer for causes you believe in 6
  3. Donate a percentage of your coaching income to charity 8
  4. Give back to the coaching community 10
  5. Buy sustainable, fair trade, or used products, then donate them for re-use 12
  6. Reduce your use of non-renewable energy and natural resources 14
  7. Eat organic, sustainable, or local food, and low on the food chain 16
  8. Have your business certified as socially responsible or green 18
  9. Do business with socially responsible companies and social enterprises 20
  10. Promote your business with cause marketing 22
  11. Aspire to a high standard of ethics and authenticity 24
  12. Stay informed about what’s going on around you 26
  13. Take action on issues that concern you 28
  14. Overcome the fear, resistance, or self-sabotage that holds you back 30
Part II: Change the World with Your Coaching 33
  15. Design your coaching practice to serve your highest purpose 34
  16. Commit to “first, do no harm” with your coaching 36
  17. Coach your clients about social responsibility 38
  18. Coach youth, especially those at risk 40
  19. Coach people who face racial and ethnic discrimination 42
  20. Coach people with disabilities 44
  21. Coach in the developing world 46
  22. Coach in the nonprofit sector 48
  23. Coach political leaders and people in government 50
  24. Coach activists and advocates for social change 52
  25. Coach conscious capitalists 54
  26. Coach social entrepreneurs 56
  27. Offer group or team coaching to impact more clients 58
  28. Educate the public about coaching as a tool for change 60
  29. Learn more about changemaking to serve your clients as a resource 62
  30. Champion the world-changing goals of your clients 64
  31. Make use of coaching skills in all spheres of your life 66
  32. Hold the entire world as your client 68
  33. Choose a coach for yourself who shares your ideals 70
  34. Maximize your own coaching potential 72
  35. Partner up for support and increased impact 74
  36. Build a sustainable business or career of your own 76
Part III: Change the World by Bringing Change to Others 79
  37. Transform managers, executives, and leaders into coaches 80
  38. Bring coaching to people and places where it’s unknown 82
  39. Provide other coaches with the tools they need to make a difference 84
  40. Advocate for positive change in the organizations where you work 86
  41. Ask your membership organizations to increase their social responsibility 88
  42. Use your blog or social networks to advocate for good 90
  43. Make your social change activities public 92
  44. Write, speak, and teach about your ideals 94
  45. Join a group of changemakers 96
  46. Blow the whistle on unethical or irresponsible practices 98
  47. Participate in crowdsourcing strategies for change 100
  48. Start a social change project of your own 102
  49. Commit to playing a bigger game 104
  50. Spread the word 106
How to Get Started 109
Discussion Questions 113
Contributors 115
About the Author 121

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