50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World: How to Get Started Excerpt

Excerpt from How to Get Started

Changing the world
I hope you have enjoyed reading the ideas shared in this book. Even more, I hope they have inspired you to consider taking some action of your own. You may already be traveling along a world-changing path, but perhaps you are now thinking of tackling something new, or expanding your efforts. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.


Choosing Your Path

There are so many people and places in our world that need help. Deciding where to direct your world-changing energies can be quite a challenge. There are typically four factors you’ll want to consider:

  1. What issues you will focus on. You might define this by the needs you see, problems you want solved, or goals you think should be achieved.
  2. Who you wish to support. This may be a group of people defined by need, location, or demographics. It could also be a group of animals or an element of the natural environment.
  3. How to best make a contribution. This will depend on your natural talents, core competencies, personal interests, or professional skills and training. It could also depend on the assets you have available – a large mailing list, for example, or space to hold events.
  4. Where to begin. It may take some time to achieve your ultimate goals. You’ll need a likely place to start.

To bring more clarity to those four aspects of your mission, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problems or goals inspire you the most?
  • What kinds of stories or issues give you the urge to do something?
  • What gifts or resources do you have to share?
  • How much time or money can you contribute?
  • Would you rather work alone or with others?
  • What past experience or existing connections could help you?

Draft a preliminary mission statement for your world-changing project that includes the four what, who, how, and where factors. Share it with some like-minded friends or colleagues and see what they think. Refine your mission based on their feedback and your reaction to what they say.


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