Should You Pursue that New Business Idea?

If you're a typical entrepreneur, you're a creative person, and you frequently come up with new ideas for how to do business. So often, in fact, that you need to learn how to choose wisely about which ideas are worth your while to pursue. Making the right choice about...

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Summertime, and the Marketing Ain’t Easy

Summer is here, but it seems many of your potential clients are not. When you get the response "I'll be on vacation until..." one too many times, it's easy to become discouraged about summertime marketing. But fear not, there's plenty you can do to build your business...

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Packaging Your Services as a Product

One of the biggest challenges in selling professional services is that what you are offering is intangible. Your product can't be seen, touched, or tasted. Until your prospective clients experience what you do, they have no way of knowing if it will turn out, whether...

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Waking Up from Groundhog Day

Every spring in my household, we experience a period we have come to call Groundhog Day. I've always loved the Bill Murray movie of the same name, a sweet fable about an egocentric, mean-spirited newscaster doomed to live the same day over and over until he learns to...

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