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Business Advisor
Writing Coach

I’m the author of seven books, and a business advisor and writing coach for self-employed professionals. Please explore my blog, books and home-study courses, and live programs.

Blueprint for a Thriving Mission-Based Business

Thriving as a Self-Employed Professional or Freelancer

Are you ready to change how you’ve been running your business? Do you want to find a path to success that allows you to stay true to yourself? Would you like to break through the barriers that hold you back from thriving? My books and home-study courses can help you and your business evolve and prosper.

Business Building Writer

Writing to Build Your Business

Do you write blog posts, articles, books, or home-study courses to attract clients or increase your income? Or would you like to? With my Get It Written virtual retreats, Get It Written Village community, and Business Building Writer program, I’ll help you get your stuff written, improve its quality, and make use of your content and expertise as a business-building tool.

Get Clients Now!

Marketing & Sales for Self-Employed and Freelance Pros

Do you need more clients? More income? To earn a better living with less effort? My bestselling book Get Clients Now!™ has been helping professionals, consultants, coaches, and freelancers build thriving businesses since 1999. Get Clients Now! is more than just a book; it delivers a complete support system for getting clients.

Latest Posts from My Blog

Your Words Need Space to Grow

Your Words Need Space to Grow

Dame Hilary Mantel published her first novel at the age of 33. Over the next three decades, she wrote twelve books of historical fiction, two collections of short stories, and a memoir. She was the first woman to twice win the Booker Prize for fiction. I'd say she...

Why Aren’t You Earning More?

Why Aren’t You Earning More?

In a national survey of self-employed professionals, almost 50% of the consultants, coaches, and other professionals declared that they were currently not earning enough to meet their expenses. This result isn't too surprising, since according to the U.S. Small...

What Do Your Online Readers Want from You?

What Do Your Online Readers Want from You?

"Being successful at writing can be defined by one parameter: How well we know and resonate with our audience." These are the words of freelance writer Christina M. Ward, one of the top earning writers on Medium, where earnings are determined by how much time readers...

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