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I help self-employed professionals & creatives thrive

Business Coach
Productivity Mentor

I’m the author of seven books, and a business coach and productivity mentor for self-employed professionals and creatives. Please explore my blog, books and home-study courses, and live programs.

Blueprint for a Thriving Mission-Based Business

Thriving as a Self-Employed Professional or Creative

Are you ready to change how you’ve been running your business? Do you want to find a path to success that allows you to stay true to yourself? Would you like to break through the barriers that hold you back from thriving? My books and home-study courses can help you and your business evolve and prosper.

Business Building Writer

Writing to Build Your Business

Do you write blog posts, articles, books, or home-study courses to attract clients or increase your income? Or would you like to? With my Get It Written virtual retreats and Business Building Writer program, I’ll help you get your stuff written, improve its quality, and make use of your content and expertise as a business-building tool.

Get Clients Now!

Marketing & Sales for Self-Employed and Freelance Pros

Do you need more clients? More income? To earn a better living with less effort? My bestselling book Get Clients Now!™ has been helping professionals, consultants, coaches, and freelancers build thriving businesses since 1999. Get Clients Now! is more than just a book; it delivers a complete support system for getting clients.

Latest Posts from My Blog

Can Good Writing Happen on a Timetable?

Can Good Writing Happen on a Timetable?

When you hear the advice to set aside time to write, do you worry about whether you'll be able to produce quality writing on a set schedule? What if you didn't get enough sleep the night before, or you're worried about another priority at the time, or you're just not...

Is It Time to Get Help with Your Business?

Is It Time to Get Help with Your Business?

As a self-employed professional or creative, you're used to doing most things on your own. But there will likely come a time when the assistance of others could help your business grow, and help you feel less stressed. Here are some questions you might find yourself...

Become a Fearsome Writer

Become a Fearsome Writer

Writing holds the potential to provoke a considerable amount of fear. We worry if we can turn into completed prose the vague thoughts in our heads. We're anxious about what our readers will think of what we've written. We're afraid we'll never be able to produce our...

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