50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World: Part III Excerpt

Excerpt from Part III: Change the World by Bringing Change to Others

Creating change as a coach starts with you and your coaching business or career. But it doesn’t have to end there. You can bring change to a wider audience by reaching out to new people and places, enrolling others in your changemaking vision, and transforming those you touch into changemakers in their own right.

There’s a lot you can do on your own, but you can accomplish much more when you make the effort to also influence others. You can share your vision of change by educating, inspiring, advocating, providing tools and resources, or demonstrating what’s possible.

Ideas can be contagious. Each person you influence has the ability to spread new ways of thinking and doing to everyone they reach. When you make use of the power of people to multiply your efforts, one person really can change the world.

38. Bring coaching to people and places where it’s unknown.

Discover new frontiers for coaches and coaching to explore.

How might it change the world if there were coaches on staff at the White House? Or for Parliament? If every United Nations ambassador was assigned a coach? If there was a coach for every schoolteacher? If our prisons employed coaches? Or our armed forces?

What if every corporate social responsibility department included a coach? Or every police department? What if coaching skills were taught in kindergarten? Or in our legal system? Or to every participant in peace talks worldwide?

Where could you take coaching that it’s never been before? What populations need coaching but have no access to it? What institutions could be changed for the better by employing coaches? Where might coaching cause widespread transformation if it were adopted?

Consider how you could broaden the horizons for coaching by taking it into unknown territory. Millions could benefit because you imagined a new frontier for coaching and took action on your ideas.

Explore these examples of new territory for coaching:

“The Coach Initiative: Volunteer Coaches Making A Difference” by Diane Krause-Stetson

“Coaching & Workplace Violence” by Mark Joyella

Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders by Kathryn Kee, Karen Anderson, et al.

Foundation for International Leadership Coaching

Laura Whitworth Prison Project

“NGO Use of Coaching Interventions” by Lynne Gilliland and Robert A. Jud

“I saw that coaching was an enormous opportunity for Russia, because our country was in a situation where in a short time we had to find the most effective ways to integrate into the global economy. We did not have many resources that we could use for this, and with so many needs, things were very tight. With coaching, we could develop the potential of our greatest resource — our people.”
— Svetlana Chumakova, Moscow, is the only Master Certified Coach in Russia. Her International Coaching Academy brought coaching to Russia in 1998.


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