Work is Necessary; Struggle is Optional

Self-employed professionals often tell me they find marketing to be a struggle. They can't seem to get enough clients to pay the bills, or they are spending more money to land each client than the sale is worth. Too many of their efforts seem to fail. "There must be...

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Lack of Clients Isn’t Always the Problem

When you're just starting out in business, it's a safe bet that you need more clients. But what if you've been up and running for a while, and you're still not making as much money as you would like? You may be in the habit of thinking that attracting new clients will...

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Publish or Perish: Now More than Ever

When you place a call to a prospective client, does the person you are calling already know your name, even if you have never met? When new clients are referred to you, do they often say that they've heard of you from several different sources? Are you frequently...

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Marketing the Real You

I often wonder how the practice began of pretending to be someone else in order to market your business. You know what I'm talking about -- it's the marketing face, the selling voice, that you often put on in order to attend a networking event or make a sales call....

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When to Toot Your Own Horn

Every day in your business, something happens that people should know about. Perhaps you get booked to speak, or you begin reaching out to a new type of customer, or you have an article published. Yet much of the time, the only people aware of these significant events...

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How to Tell Clients You Have What They Need

Do you know why clients should hire you? Congratulations! That's an excellent beginning. But it's not enough for you to know why clients should hire you -- they need to know it, too. It's hard enough to find clients without also having to educate them on why they...

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Want More Business? Speak Up!

Speaking in public can be a powerful marketing tactic for any self-employed professional. Public speaking increases your visibility, boosts your credibility, and establishes you as an expert in your field. It gives you exposure to potential clients in such an...

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Are You Getting Paid Enough for the Work You Do?

"I have plenty of work coming in," one of my clients told me, "but I'm not getting paid enough. Every project seems to take longer than I anticipated, and I end up putting in a lot of unpaid hours. How can I fix this?" If this problem sounds familiar, there are two...

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