C.J.'s blog How to Become a HeroI believe that each of us has a path of right livelihood — a way of earning a living that makes the best use of our talents, honors our values, and allows us to be of service to others. Since 1992, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and professionalsĀ fulfill their right livelihood, as a coach, author, and trainer. I’ve written dozens of articles on life purpose topics, authored the job search book Get Hired Now!, and the right livelihood book 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World. I’ve taught classes on career transition for a wide variety of organizations. My current focus is on writing, coaching, and teaching about the intersection of life purpose, entrepreneurship, and motivation. You can find out more about my work in that area by visiting my Business Coaching page, or my Get Clients Now! and Social Entrepreneur Coach sites.

On this site, you’ll find a selection of my life purpose articles, details about my books and courses, and announcements of upcoming events.