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Helping self-employed professionals survive and thrive since 1992.

I’m an author, business coach, and citizen activist who writes, coaches, and teaches on entrepreneurship, marketing, and staying on purpose. Please explore my articles, books and courses, current projects, or find out how to work with me.

Get Clients Now!

Marketing & Sales for Professionals, Consultants & Coaches

Do you need more clients? More income? To earn a better living with less effort? My bestselling book Get Clients Now!™ has been helping self-employed professionals build thriving businesses since 1999. Get Clients Now! is more than just a book; it gives you a complete support system for sales and marketing.

Grounded Business Building for Self-Employed Professionals

Are you ready to change how you’ve been running your business? Do you want to find the path to success that’s truly right for you? Would you like to break through the barriers that hold you back from thriving? Working with me as your coach can help you and your business evolve and prosper.

Business Building Writer Program

Writing to Build Your Business

Would you like to attract and land clients by writing articles, blog posts, an ebook, or other quality content? With my Business Building Writer program and Get It Written virtual retreats, I’ll help you make use of quality writing as a business-building tool, write your stuff so that your desired audience will want what your business offers, and put those elements together into a business-building plan.